Friday, September 25, 2009

Mirror lake, Utah

Mirror lake--situated in the Uinta National Forest in Central Utah- is a tiny but very beautiful lake. Its clean blue water perfectly adds to its natural beauty. has been nearly three months since I last wrote in my blog. Well, this summer passed very well. I became the dad of a second child-Smriti. This time my wife and I were better prepared as parents than when our first child was born. The hardest part now is to manage time between the lab and the family. We have been through few experimentations to churn out an schedule that works best for all of us and we are still working on it. Talking about last summer, we had several get togethers, few potlucks, few short trips around Utah and other fun stuffs. Due to our very young children, we did not make any long trip and we are not hoping any for one more year. Hopefully, that won't let our "enthusiasm for travelling" let up. There are many interesting stuffs piling up in my mind which I will surely pour in my blog so stay in touch and I hope you also enjoyed your summer.