Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hike to Nowhere and my immature photography

Today, out of whim, I went on hiking under  scorching heat. I had an hour between my experiments and decided to go on a trail just behind the University. So here is the trail. I didn't even know the name of the trail and where it goes to. So... hiking to nowhere. The views of the salt lake were, however, amazing.     

 A view of foothill on Southern side of the Salt Lake
 The summit of the my hiking trail. A lone hiker, I did not have a desire to reach up there.
 This sunflower was so prepared to be photographed. I could not resist its urge.

 A busy fly on his job.
 Uphill trail.

 OK, here I might be able to read the name of the trail... but too much of work to bend my head to read it.
 Survival of the fittest
Summit getting farther as I descended on my way back to the parking lot.

My immature photography may make you feel this trail not worth hiking. Yet, I believe that no matter how sophisticated your camera is and how good your photography is, a camera cannot catch the amazing views that you behold with your eyes.