Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hike to Silver Lake/Twin Lake Trails and My Immature Photography

 Four Hikers
 the old
 immature shot-1
 THE YOUNG watching fishing in Silver Lake
 my immature shot-2
 immature shot-3
 THE YOUNG and the old
 looking down on Silver lake from Twin fall trail
 Drained Hikers
 Drained but not dejected hikers
 the wild in the wood
 Yeh...THE YOUNG made it to the SUMMIT
 THE YOUNG playing frog leap in Twin Lake
 More fun for THE YOUNG
 Immature shot-4
 Respite after a strenuous hike 
 the old carrying THE YOUNG for almost the entire hike :(
Descending hikers
Tired YOUNG for the last pose