Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day 2012

Pioneer day is primarily, if not only, celebrated in Utah to  recognize and honor the long and strenuous journey Mormon pioneers undertook across the mid-west, from Illinois to Utah, to establish a new home for them and their descendants. It is celebrated every year on 24th of July. Among several events, one of the most attended and popular one is Pioneer day parade which features exciting displays from different Utahan counties, cultural and ethnic groups, various institutions, individuals, and others. This is the event I have been attending for the last two years with my little girls so that they will have a glimpse of Mormon history and culture in a way I can afford timewise. Here're some pictures from this year's parade. Enjoy!!!

(P.S. First three pictures are from a potato-sac race my girls participated some other day. No prize for winning :((   though they didn't win :))   


 Hawaiian Dancers..
 Hawaiian Dancers..2


 Chinese Dragon

 Santa in Summer....I liked it

That's it...