Friday, December 25, 2009

Sam Gye Tang: the korean food I prepared myself for the first time

I am always keen to taste any new food that looks tempting and excuisite. But rarely have I tried to prepare a dish that is VERY new to me. So I decided to start by preparing a new food which was not "so new" for me and I opted for Sam Gye Tang: a Korean Chicken Soup. I enjoyed it a few times before and had a feeling that I could prepare this dish. The only thing needed was a recipe which I got here: The blogger put the recipe and cooking method so effectively with pictures that even a non-cook can prepare the dish. I made slight modification to the recipe: after stuffing the chicken with all the ingredients, I placed the chicken in my favorite slow cooker with plenty of water as shown in the picture. I set the cooking time HIGH for 2 hours and then LOW for 10 hours flipping the chicken once halfway through the slow cooking time. Started in the morning, the cooking was done in the evening by the time my family had waited impatiently to devour the chicken soup. I was little worry if my family like the taste of chicken soup because we mostly fry the chicken first for whatever chicken dish we want to prepare and sam gye tang was the only chicken dish that was prepared just by boiling. But to my delight, both my wife and my kid liked the taste and enjoyed the soup very much. Hurrah.....quite an achievment for me. If you want to give it a try go to the site I listed above and hone your culinary skills.