Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yashaswi's Pre-School

Yesterday, Wednesday-August 24,2010-marks an important day in my elder daughter Yashaswi's life. She officially started her academic career yesterday as the first day of her preschool. Yashaswi is a very animated kid, sometimes even annoyingly over-active. I hope she will learn more and more over time in her preschool and utilize her enthusiasm in a positive way. She has never been hesitant to mingle with her peers, therefore I have no doubts that she will easily make friends and get along with them pretty quickly. As parents of a growing kid, this is also a learning experience for us and we are trying our best to make schooling as smooth as possible for Yashaswi. Let's see how she will do and we as well in the coming future. For now, all our best wishes for Yashaswi.