Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reb Butte Canyon Hike Revisited....

My girls went all the way to the summit and down in 1h 15 min. It was a beautiful Sunday topped off with a wonderful hike.

 Taking a break half-way to the top

 The Summit

 Going downhill

 Yeh...finally done.
 In front of the new building of Utah Museum of Natural History
 Some more fun "self-singing and dancing"
Nice smile....we will continue some other weekend...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hike to Silver Lake/Twin Lake Trails and My Immature Photography

 Four Hikers
 the old
 immature shot-1
 THE YOUNG watching fishing in Silver Lake
 my immature shot-2
 immature shot-3
 THE YOUNG and the old
 looking down on Silver lake from Twin fall trail
 Drained Hikers
 Drained but not dejected hikers
 the wild in the wood
 Yeh...THE YOUNG made it to the SUMMIT
 THE YOUNG playing frog leap in Twin Lake
 More fun for THE YOUNG
 Immature shot-4
 Respite after a strenuous hike 
 the old carrying THE YOUNG for almost the entire hike :(
Descending hikers
Tired YOUNG for the last pose

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hike to Nowhere and my immature photography

Today, out of whim, I went on hiking under  scorching heat. I had an hour between my experiments and decided to go on a trail just behind the University. So here is the trail. I didn't even know the name of the trail and where it goes to. So... hiking to nowhere. The views of the salt lake were, however, amazing.     

 A view of foothill on Southern side of the Salt Lake
 The summit of the my hiking trail. A lone hiker, I did not have a desire to reach up there.
 This sunflower was so prepared to be photographed. I could not resist its urge.

 A busy fly on his job.
 Uphill trail.

 OK, here I might be able to read the name of the trail... but too much of work to bend my head to read it.
 Survival of the fittest
Summit getting farther as I descended on my way back to the parking lot.

My immature photography may make you feel this trail not worth hiking. Yet, I believe that no matter how sophisticated your camera is and how good your photography is, a camera cannot catch the amazing views that you behold with your eyes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smriti's hair cut and Yashaswi's swimming class

Smriti had her first hair cut on Jan 23rd,2011 when she was exactly one day over 20 months. She looks like a grown up kid after the hair cut. She also looks prettier in her new hairdo, and she is enjoying it as she looks herself in the mirror over and over. For Yashaswi, the last two weeks have been the time to learn something new. She joined the swimming school and is learning to swim. First day was very exciting for her to be in the pool her as she loves any physical activity. Next couple of days were not so because she could not follow her teachers instructions in English very well. I asked her teacher to use a body language and give a demo along with verbal instructions so that Yashaswi will know what to do. After that, learning process is going smoothly. She is now enjoying more being in the pool and learning new skills.